8/31 Jesse & Friends Episode #28 – Ted “Rapist in a Slug Bug” Bundy

Jesse, Nathan, and Dylan got in early to make sure there were less technical hiccups than last week. They’ve also been pretty lazy about uploading stuff on time… Ed is a mystery, we still miss James. Jesse encourages Dylan to take more risks. If you don’t have kids or get married, you can do whatever you want. Batman didn’t even hit his stride until 30s. Dylan doesn’t know who Charles Bukowski is and Jesse vows to bring him some books. The studio smells like a predatory fraternity house and Jesse hates it. Nathan gives an update on his people in Houston hit by Hurricane Harvey. Jesse identifies an insurance scam by housing developers. The gang hears from Ed and they remain skeptical. Jesse is pro-Juggalo. Struggalo Circus! Game of Thrones is over for the year and Jesse thinks the writing has gone south. However, Jesse returns to his favorite topic of television: Twin Peaks! Season/series finale coming up and Jesse is amped. Lord of the Flies with LADIES is happening and Jesse thinks the controversy behind it is crap. Jesse is growing his hair back out and today has a Clark Kent curl on accident. A lighthearted discussion about the death penalty and Nevada’s plan to kill death row inmates with fentanyl. Bernie Madoff was like two steps away from being a folk hero. Jesse is going to Austin, so there’s no show on the 7th, but they’ll be back on the 14th.


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