8/24 Jesse & Friends Episode #27 – Jesse Vedder

Jesse keeps watching The Dark Knight despite only trying to watch the first ten minutes on a regularly routine basis. Hurricane Harvey is preparing to hit southeast Texas, and Nathan is from Houston so we get his input. No Ed, who almost fell asleep last week, and no James who we all miss so much. The show retires the term “throwing shade” because it is for old white ladies now. Nathan provides his own voice for his soundboard because he’s still trying to figure out the new studio software. New ramp music gives Jesse the opportunity to showcase his impression of Eddie Vedder, both as a rock vocalist and an interview subject. Sports break! Jesse’s Yankees BRAWLED with the Detroit Tigers like five times and he goes into a blow-by-blow. Jesse, Dylan and Nathan are all convinced the school is scheduling tours around being able to pop into J&F. Jesse is pulling for Connor McGregor but he’s not “betting confident” about the fight. East High School cheercamp turns out to be kind of a torture chamber. For as much as Jesse is behind Colin Kaepernick, he can’t boycott the NFL because he’s addicted to gambling on it. ED CAMPBELL WANTS TO FIGHT MIGUEL CABRERA!


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