Jesse & Friends Episode #23 – Dylan Condon Hasn’t Seen Red Dawn What the Hell

J&F is back and so is Dylan Condon! He hasn’t seen Red Dawn and Jesse and Nathan beat him up for I don’t know maybe ten minutes. Jesse revisits maybe his favorite ax to grind and confronts, bravely, how badly Denver sucks now and how terrible traffic is and how he should just move to New York because of how expensive everything is. This is the last “student” show before Jesse & Friends turns into a “Graduate Legacy Show.” Our time slot and host will not be changing. A bunch of people got hurt and even a guy got killed at the Ohio State Fair and Jesse reads it pretty good. The entire group extols the Carny lifestyle and pokes at its modern feasibility. The old he’s an asshole look at her a-hole radio censorship bit. Trump, our amateur president, is continuing to drive the country into the ground and has banned trans people from the military. Jesse warns people not sympathetic to the Trump administration to not lionize ousted people who worked for him and to beware of corporate media and Democratic party elements trying to fund raise on what a douche-bag he is. Jesse also voted for Doug Stanhope in 2016. The FBI and anyone who lead them is probably a HUGE piece of crap that is responsible for the violently murdered corpses of small children. Nathan is from Texas and he fills us in on the red state vibe. He’s so handsome. I love him. He’s so nice. What would it be like to live in his hair?

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