Jesse & Friends Episode #21 – Almost Race War on The City Bus (7/13/17 Show)

Just two minutes late this week! Jesse has had a hell of a week and tells a story about racial tension on his bus this afternoon. We brought in two newly enrolled students to hang with us and boy did we have a whole ton of fun. Another military veteran, we learn that they let black folks into the Air Force under certain circumstances. Kid Rock is running for the senate.  The world is getting closer and closer to Idiocracy and it’s definitely cause for concern. The Rock is considering a run for president in 2020. The fellas look at the silver lining of dumbing down the world. Maywhether/McGregor gets discussed. Being illiterate is a horrid thing to be in America. Jesse wrapped up a vaccine study today and he’s kind of woozy. Bemoaning hospital firewalls in an age of donating body fluids, Jesse gets kind of depressed.


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