Jesse & Friends Episode #19 – “We’re Going to Get Jesse on Team Trump” -POTUS

James is at work, and Ed and Jesse are running four and a half minutes late due to a possible hobo stabbing so Nathan kills time talking about the water park he went to in Houston during his homestand. The fellas have to make a music video for school and its a bit of a slog. Enough so that disappearing to Alaska is becoming appealing. But, a story about a bear murdering a teenager with same last name as Jesse kind of does some dissuading. The desert seems like a better bet? Maybe? They play Jame’s intro for last week’s show that didn’t happen and everyone misses James. Ed brings new meaning to the scale of two miles with the news that a Canadian sniper shot an ISIS militant in Iraq from more than two miles away. The boys talk about quantifying the difficulty of murdering other people based on era and technological limitation. The health care bill, seemingly dead in the water, is discussed unfavorably. People in wheelchairs posted up outside Mitch McConnel’s office in protest today before being carried (and dropped) by Capitol police. Jesse thinks congressional baseball practice is probably not the last thing to be so “rudely interrupted.” Bill Cosby is doing a traveling show about the dangers of sexual assault allegations and everyone is summarily shocked. Jesse barely even does the impression he’s so irritated. President of the United States Donald J. Trump calls in to take Jesse to task over his criticism of the Republican health care effort but has to leave for supper with the Saudis. A Dean at Yale was fired after making bad Yelp reviews comparing clientele in restaurants to “white trash” and Jesse hopes she gets hit by a bus.


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